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43 Big PC Games Coming in 2019


43 Big PC Games Coming in 2019


Every year is a great year for PC gaming, but 2019’s list is already an impressive one. With more and more games making their way to PC, here’s a look at the biggest upcoming games we know are almost certainly coming in 2019:
Bioware’s mech-suit shared world RPG will jet boost its way into our houses at the start of the year. It’s basically a PvE shooter where everyone is in a customizable Iron Man suit flying around an alien world, which is about a good a pitch as I can think of.

One of the most meme’d games of yesteryear is getting a reboot/sequel/whatever this is. The original Battletoads was a sidescrolling beat em up, but we haven’t seen anything more than the announcement itself for this one.

A spiritual successor to the Castlevania series made by the original creator, Bloodstained was funded on Kickstarter back in 2015. It’s slated to finally come out sometime in 2019, and will no doubt provide plenty of evil to whip away.

I know the comparison is cliche at this point, but it’s not unfair to say that Code Vein can be quickly summed up as “JRPG Dark Souls.” It’s a third person dark action game with co-op and some big ole bosses to dodge and fight, but with an art style closer to anime than Lovecraft.

The next game from Remedy, developers of Alan Wake and Max Payne, Control is a third person story full of action scenes and strange mind powers. It looks poised to deliver what Remedy is known best for, but without the TV show hook of the studio’s last game, Quantum Break.

Crackdown 3 is finally upon us, after years of rumors, delays, and development limbo. Terry Crews is fronting the chaotic open world action game, which will be available on PC thanks to the Microsoft’s commitment to putting Xbox exclusives on both platforms.

While there have been plenty of Dead or Alive spinoffs, a new main series Dead or Alive game will be arriving early in 2019.

The next installment in this action-adventure series will have you hacking your way through even more baddies in control of some moody new protagonists. It’s the first entry in the series since DMC 2013, so it’s sure to shake things up a bit.

The return to Bethesda’s remake of Doom will bring more of the over-the-top Glory Kills and demon pulping action that made Doom a helluva lot of fun. We’re looking forwarding to meat-hook-grappling across the expansive levels, and putting the business end of the super shotgun to good use.

Similar to Far Cry Primal after Far Cry 4, Far Cry New Dawn is a spinoff set after the catastrophe at the end of Far Cry 5. It’ll be a full new game with its own story, but it remains to be seen what the scope of it all will be like.

Gears 5 is thankfully making its way to PC alongside its Xbox One release, similar to Gears of War 4 before it. We’ll surely see the return of horde mode to this cover shooter, as well as an exciting new angle on its story.

A brand new 4X game from the creators of Europa Universalis and Crusader Kings, Imperator is sure to get fans of the genre excited. You take control of the Roman empire and have to expand, grow, and fight your way toward controlling the Mediterranean.

While it’s technically now a Valve game, this exploration adventure is the next release from the team behind Firewatch, Campo Santo. Their acquisition by Valve hasn’t changed the plan for In the Valley of Gods, but we still don’t know exactly when we’ll be playing it ourselves.

Originally a PS4 exclusive, Journey is finally making its way to PC by way of the Epic Games Store. It’s a quiet exploration game that players can actually silently experience without another random person online.

A fighting game that combines all the biggest manga and anime characters from Shonen Jump. This brawler brings together the Dragon Ball series, My Hero Academia, and even Yu-Gi-Oh!

The original Killer Queen is only playable on extremely large and expensive arcade machines, so if you don’t live near one you’ve likely never had a chance to play it. Killer Queen Black is bringing its 5v5 resource management fight to a much wider and more easily accessible audience.

From the creators of Killing Floor and Rising Storm, Maneater is an RPG… but you’re a shark. It has shark abilities and shark skill trees and shark everything. You eat people, if that wasn’t clear.

The long anticipated follow-up to MechWarrior 4, MechWarrior 5 will finally arrive at the end of 2019. This first-person mech combat game has in-depth sim controls and a crazy amount of customization as you build out your mercenary company.

The third Metro game, Exodus takes you out of the sewers and puts you on a cross country train. It’s still a tough and atmospheric FPS though, and its world is as unfriendly as ever.

Minecraft is so big now that it’s getting spinoffs of its own. Dungeons is a co-op action-adventure game inspired by classic dungeon crawlers, though we’re still not totally sure what form that will take.

Fighting games have always had rough launches on PC, but it’s great that the platform isn’t getting passed up entirely anymore, and Mortal Kombat 11 is no exception. The absurdly gory fighting game will make its return in the first half of the year.

A side-scrolling acrobatic shooter with a crazy sense of humor, My Friend Pedro succeeds in making you feel like John Wick if John Wick was a weirdo with a banana buddy. It’s absurd and sleek and one to keep an eye on.

While One Piece will be in Jump Force, it will be getting a big ol’ game of its own in 2019. World Seeker is an open adventure game set in the manga/anime universe.

The sequel to Ori and the Blind Forest, Will of the Wisps continues the series as a gorgeous and lightning fast 2D platformer in a mystical forest. We don’t know too much about the plot yet, but I can’t wait to dive back into that world.

A lot of games have tried to replicate or remake X-COM over the years (including the new XCOM games), but the creator of the original, Julian Gollop, is coming back with his own modern take on the genre he helped create.

I’m not gonna lie, I actually had to double check that this one was true. But, yes, the Nintendo DS lawyer puzzle adventure series Phoenix Wright is making its way to PC. The three Ace Attorney games will be bundled together and available on Steam (as well as other consoles) next year, and they are worth checking out for those who missed the mobile versions.

The long-awaited sequel to Psychonauts, Double Fine is continuing the grand tradition of 3D platformers on PC. Psychonauts is all about psychic powers as you enter the minds of others to extract information, or just cure neuroses.

The sequel no one expected (and not to be confused with the similar themed and colored Far Cry New Dawn that was announced after it), Rage 2 returns us to a savage postapocalyptic wasteland, but this time with a more comical tone. It’s a shooter that feels a bit like a mix of Doom and Mad Max, which makes sense given its developer and publisher.

Many thought this would just be a simple remake, but Resident Evil 2 is shaping up to be pretty much an entirely new game. It take the classic horror game and gives it the camera perspective of Resident Evil 4 and the production quality of Resident Evil 7.

The next action game from Bloodborne and Dark Souls developer FromSoftware, Sekiro is excitedly making its way to PC as well. It looks similar to their previous work, but this time with an 16th century Japanese setting full of ancient demons.

There are some long-awaited sequels on this list, and then there is Shenmue 3, which is practically the longest awaited sequel in the history of games. After an exciting E3 reveal a few years ago, the final chapter to the Shenmue story is finally arriving late 2019.

Ubisoft’s pirate ship game looks like it essentially takes the naval combat of the Assassin’s Creed series, fleshes it out a bit more, and then makes it a competitive PvP, bow-to-bow brawl.

Spelunky 2 isn’t doing much to change up the Spelunky formula, but it doesn’t have to when the original is so incredibly good. It’ll add water and liquid physics, as well as tons of new areas, enemies, traps, and more.

While it may not seem like it, Super Meat Boy Forever is actually a proper sequel to the original. Forever changes the style of game over to something akin to an endless runner, but all of the screens and challenges are still hand-designed before being randomly assembled. The loop of dying and getting a bit closer each time is alive and well.

There have been a lot of Cthulhu games releasing lately, but The Sinking City is one to keep your eye on. It’s a creepy adventure game as you descend into a haunted tale of the occult, as well as into madness itself.

The Division didn’t make the splash Ubisoft was hoping for, but The Division 2 is learning from all of the hard lessons of the first. Set in Washington D.C. this time around, the cover-based RPG shooter is keeping everything people remember fondly intact here.

The first historical Total War game after two set in the Warhammer universe, Three Kingdoms is taking some of the best parts of that world along for the ride. Set in ancient china, there is a greater emphasis on heroic characters during that time, including the nefarious and powerful Lu Bu.

The 2D motorcycle series is back, tilting its way back and forth and up and down mountains. This one is leaning into the insanity that arrived mostly as DLC for the last, but Trials has never exactly taken itself seriously to begin with.

Tropico is a country building dictator game where you can bring you tiny island nation up to true glory. Tropico 6 ups the anty by letting you steal entire national monuments as your own, which is about as amusing as it is insane.

WarGroove comes from the creators of Starbound, and plays very similarly to a fantasy Advance Wars. On PC, it will have mod support and full online play, as well as a campaign builder for you to make and sure whole stories of your own.

The spinoff follow-up to Wolfenstein 2, Youngblood puts you in control of BJ’s twin daughters years after the second game ends. There are sure to be plenty of nazi’s to kill, and that’s really what’s important in a Wolfenstein game. 43 Big PC Games Coming in 2019


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